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रविवार, 15 जनवरी 2017

Gurjari Language : Dr. R. P. Khatana

The purpose of the website is to encourage the Gujjar Culture & Heritage and Gojri Language; and the cause of the preservation & development of the Gujjar & Bakarwal tribe of Jammu & Kashmir, India

Veteran Researcher Dr R P Khatana was
one of the first scholars who worked vigorously to document almost all the colours and shades highlighting rich culture & heritage of the Gujjar & Bakarwal tribe of Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Dr. Khatana had done pioneering work on nomadic life-style of Gujjars & Bakarwals and highlighted their difficulties .He was also probably the first of the few intellectuals who paved way for the development of Gujjars-Bakerwals tribe of the state by discussing their plight with the higher authorities of the time.

To feel the heat Dr Khatana himself traveled in length and breadth of J&K with nomad families for so many years and journeyed with them many times and stayed in upper reaches of Himalayan mountains.

He through his writings highlighted the history, art and culture of Gujjars & Bakarwals . Besides he also wrote about Gojri a language which is largely spoken in various parts of the Indian subcontinent.

He used to say that all cultures are particularistic; sophisticated in their own manner. Every particular culture conveys a specific message – the Gujjar Culture and Gojri language conveys the message of honesty, hardship, happiness & enthusiasm. Regardless of the extreme weather, harsh lifestyle, nomadic living and the terror threats the Gujjar & Bakarwal tribe is characteristic of being happy & enthusiastic about the course of life irrespective of the adversities involved.

The aim of this website is to preserve & support the Gujjar Culture & Heritage....................................................................................

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