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सोमवार, 16 जनवरी 2017

The Third Battle Of Panipat was fought on this day in the year 1761 : Manish Dorata Gurjar

14th January..
Makar Sankrant..
One of the most unfortunate day in the history of India especially Maharashtra.

The Third Battle Of Panipat was fought on this day in the year 1761.

The most sordid part of the third battle of Panipat is the irresponsible conduct of Peshwa family. They sowed the seeds of misunderstanding, jealousy and hatred amongst Maratha Sardars. They also humiliated and insulted Rajputs, Jats, Gujars, Shikhs  and other natural allies.

Not only that,  when the Maratha Sardars and soldiers were preparing against all odds for the mother of all the battles, 42 years old Nanasaheb Peshwa was busy in marrying and celebrating yet an another marriage with an eight years old girl, who he made a widow for her  entire life along with other wives within a month.

The men and women belonging to the Peshwa Household including Nana Fadanvis  were spending exorbitant  amounts of money on their so called luxurious religious picnics in North while Maratha soldiers were going hungry on the banks of Jumna.

Sadashivrao Peshwa ignored and rejected wise strategic advice given by veteran Maratha Sardars and Surajmal Jat. 

Vishwasrao Peshwa who was enjoying and entertaining himself watching the fun of the war on an elephant from a safe distance  died because of a stray bullet.

Sadashivbrao Peshwa cowardly  ran away from the battlefield to save his own life.

Indeed, the brave Marathas were destined to a disastrous defeat on the battlefield of Panipat in 1761. Thousands of Marathas died fighting on battlefield. Thousands of Marathas were made prisoners of war and were taken to  Baluchisthan (where their descendants live today). Thousands of Marathas were exiled in Haryana (where their descendants live today).

Unfortunately, after that, atrocities of Peshwas became more and more atrocious in Maharashtra.

Salute to the brave Marathas who fought against all odds on the battlefield of Panipat for the freedom and safety of our nation. __/|\__.

Info Courtesy:Mr.Manish Dorata Gurjar

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