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मंगलवार, 5 जुलाई 2016

22 MARCH : International Gurjar Day.

 Why Gurjars should celebrate 22 March as The International Gurjar Day  -   Dr. Sushil Bhati

1. Gurjara is an international community in the sense that they have been living in many countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and some Central Asian countries from time immemorial. As we are an international community we should have a internatonal day.

2. Historically, Kushana Empire under Kanishka represents the Gujar community. It covered many modern nations particularly those where the Gujars lives today i.e. India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Peshawar in Pakistan and Mathura in India were his main Capitals, other Capitals being Takshila and Begram (Afghanistan). Noted archaeologist Alexander Cunningham identified Kushanas with modern Gujars. He considered modern Kasana clan of Gujars as representative of Kushanas.
3. Kanishka’s Empire has an International importance and Historians from all parts of world take academic interest in it. International trade route of the times, the silk route, was under the control of Kushanas. The ancestors of Gujars, the people of Kushana confederation under Kanishka nurtured a cosmopolitan culture through out their vast empire. No other empire pertaining to Gujars beside Kushana qualifies as international empire and can be claimed to represent the whole Gurjar population spread over the whole south asia. Even Pratihara Empire under Mihir Bhoj was limited to Northern India and it did not extended beyond Karnal district in North-Western direction.
4. According to the majority of historian kanishka started the Saka era when he ascended the throne in 78 A D. The Saka era starts on 22 March every year. Thus, 22 March is the date of accession of kanishka. This is the only date in ancient History of South Asia particularly that of Gujars which can be fixed according to the internationally prevalent Julian Calendar functional in all parts of the world. Unlike dates based on other calendar it is same everywhere in India or Pakistan or Afghanistan or any other part where Gurjars reside.
Kanishka, the ancestor of modern Gujars held an international empire with a cosmopolitan culture. Kanishka still has an international appeal. His accession day, 22 March, seems suitable to be celebrated as “International Gurjar Day”.

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